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Formers are an extra piece. This is unique to the STA-LOK terminal, and aids in the ease of assembly. The former sits between the bottom of the inside of the body and the end of the wire and is a big help in the forming over of the wire ends. The former must sit flat in the bottom of the terminal and some care must be taken in the very initial assembly where the two pieces are fitted together to keep it from falling out of its place.

This is aided by holding the terminal end above and bringing the body up from below to start the joining process (screwing together) . Gravity will keep the former in place in the bottom of the body of the terminal. When screwing the pieces together- turn the body and not the terminal end with the wire.

Once the initial assembly is finished and the fitting is reopened for inspection and the bedding compound is placed in the cavity, the former will not fall out. (click here to see our step-by-step assembly instructions)

If the former were to become lost, the terminal will still work to its fullest strength but the wires may have to be hand formed around the end of the wedge. Using 7x7 or 7x19 wire with the appropriate wedge for 7 strand wire you may find that you will get more engagement of threads (after the initial forming and before adding the bedding material) if you remove the former.

Wire Size
Wire Size
SLFO04 115-03-PK1 1/8" 3
SLFO04-PK5 115-03-PK5 1/8" 3
SLFO05 115-04-PK1 5/32" 4
SLFO05-PK5 115-04-PK5 5/32" 4
SLFO06 115-05-PK1 3/16" 5
SLFO06-PK5 115-05-PK5 3/16" 5
SLFO07 115-55-PK1 7/32" 6
SLFO07-PK5 115-55-PK5 7/32" 6
SLFO08 115-06-PK1 1/4" 6
SLFO08-PK5 115-06-PK5 1/4" 6
SLFO09 115-07-PK1 9/32" 7
SLFO09-PK5 115-07-PK5 9/32" 7
SLFO10 115-08-PK1 5/16" 8
SLFO10-PK2 115-08-PK2 5/16" 8
SLFO12 115-10-PK1 3/8" 10
SLFO12-PK2 115-10-PK2 3/8" 10
SLFO14 115-12 7/16" 12
SLFO16 115-12 1/2" 12
SLFO18 115-14 9/16" 14
SLFO20 115-16 5/8" 16
SLFO24 115-19 3/4" 19
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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