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Never over tighten the terminal!
During the assembly of the STA-LOK terminal, you should to do a visual inspection to insure the wires are forming properly by doing an initial assembly first, then unscrewing the parts and looking at the arrangement of the wires.

Boat Life Calk
I recommend using "Life Calk" from Boat Life as bedding compound on the wire and wedge. The purpose of the Caulk is to keep the water and salt out of the internal areas of the terminal.

Match the threads carefully

Galling can occur if the threads are not started properly. Use a couple of drops of Loctite on the starting threads - this can prevent galling. Dry stainless steel threads can gall under pressure.

Ensure that you are getting a sufficient thread engagement before you begin to detect the force needed to start the wire forming process.

Pay attention to the Wedge Slot

This is so important.

Remember, you can unscrew the STA-LOK terminal, and make a check that wires are forming correctly. Do not let a wire slip into the wedge slot.

When you reassemble the terminal, don't over tighten! The Loctite keeps the terminal together, and over tightening will damage the wire and threads.

If you are working with big wire, 3/8 of inch or larger, you need some extra advice, please call us.

That's the real difference between Sailing Services and the competition . . . we know our job is to help you.

"Good rigging measures twice and hold on tight!"


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