Running Rigging Splicing Instructions Sta-Set X and PCR - PCRU Eye Splice


Measure in from the end of rope 90 times the rope diameter, this is mark "A". Form the desired eye and make mark "B". Next Make six marks down the rope each equal to 6 time the rope diameter. After the six marks make four more marks, but these will be equal to 4 times the rope diameter.


Seize the throat where marks "A" and "B" meet, as shown below. The seizing should cover a distance equal to about 2 times the rope diameter. After seizing remove cover to within ½" of the seizing at the throat.

Note: Be careful not to damage the core strands when stripping the cover.


Separate the core yarns and, divide them into 4 equal bundles. Before beginning the splice make sure the rope is under tension.


Wrap the first bundle around the rope clockwise, with as much tension as possible, crossing at each mark along the rope and past the last mark. Once the last mark is passed place a wrap of tape around the bundle to keep it from slipping. Next wrap the second bundle around the rope counterclockwise. When you past the last mark place a wrap of tape around that bundle.


When bundle 1 and 2 are taped securely, begin seizing at mark 3a and go half way to mark 4a. When seizing is finished remove tape and cut off excess core.


When the seizing of bundles 1 and 2 is finished take bundle three and wrap in the same direction as bundle one (Clockwise) but in between bundle 1 and 2 as shown below. Keep wrapping until you pass mark 4a and apply a wrap of tape to secure bundle three.


Next take bundle 4 and wrap around rope in the same direction as bundle 2 (Counterclockwise), but similar to bundle three wrap 4 between bundles 1 and 2. Wrap until you pass mark 4a, then place a wrap of tape around 4 to secure it. Now seize bundles 3 and 4, starting at the end of the previous seized section (Shown Below).


When seizing is finished remove tape and cut off excess core.


Finally put a tight wrap of tape the whole length of the splice for protection.


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