Running Rigging

Sailing Services draws on it's vast inventory of rope, wire, snap shackles, thimbles, oval sleeves and splicing expertise to create custom running rigging for racing and cruising vessels. Polyester, Spectra, Vectran, Technora, PBO, double braid, single braid, parallel core, 3-strand and 12-strand single braid from the highest quality cordage manufacturers.

We are stocking cordage from New England Rope, Yale, Samson, Marlow and other specialized rope manufactures. We sell cut lengths and full spools at special prices to our retail and trade customers.

You can order the elements of the rigging and assemble it yourself or order the competed ready-to-sail running rigging ready to install on your or your customers vessel.

Because we ship from our own stock and splice in house you will get your order as quick as you need it!
Prices and specifications subject to frequent and continual change. Updates to this web site are frequent. Not all types, colors, sizes and brands are in stock at all times.

Cordage choices made by active racing sailors are continually changing as new products and applications become developed on the race course. Stretch characteristics, weight, flexibility, ease of handling, color choices and price all influence the choices. Please contact us for advice on our products. Many of the web sites of the manufactures have excellent resources for explaining their cordage products. Please submit your requirements to us for quoting purposes even though you do not see the products that you are interested in on this web site.
Rope & Cordage Shackles

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