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We offer a wide selection of tools and supplies for the professional as well as the occasional rigger. Professionals know that quality materials and tools make the job not only easier, but also less expensive. The occasional rigger will do well to follow this credo.

Our index includes a small selection of the wide range of products that we have available. Please give us a call if you do not see what you want in this list. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to find it for you.

For your convenience our Professional Riggers Source Book is available online in Adobe PDF format. You can browse it online, or if you prefer you can download it.

Do not forget visiting our List of the Manufacturers or the exclusive Distributors for the USA of sailboat hardware and rigging products that we supply to our trade customers. Their company web sites are a valuable resource for retail customers, dealers and distributors alike.

Listing of the Manufacturer or Distribuitors for the USA Professional Riggers Source Book
841 Navtec Terminal
Adapter link plates
Adjustable Forks (Lifelines)
Aircraft Eyes (Swage)
Aircraft Forks
Antenna VHF with bracket
Aqua Signal
Backing Plates
Ball and Shank
Ball Stops  
Block (Harken - Small Boat Hardware)
Boat Life Calk
Bow Shackles
Clam Cleats  
Clevis pins
Cones (Wedges - Sta-Lok)
Cones (Norsmen)  
Connector Terminals - Sta-Lok (pdf) - (html)
Conversion Sleeve
Cotter pins
Cup washer (Stemball)
Deck Hardware- Harken(Stay Tensioners - Genoa Track Stops & Slides - Footblocks - Spinnaker fittings)
Deck toggle
Delta plates  
Double Jaw Toggle  
Dyform Fractional / Metric Wedges
Eye end only Sta-Lok terminal (pdf) - (html)
Eye Terminals (Sta-Lok) (pdf) - (html)
Eye jaw strap  
Eye jaw toggle  
Fork end only Sta-Lok terminal (pdf) - (html)
Fork Terminals (Sta-Lok)
Forks (Swage)  
Formers Sta-Lok (pdf) (html)
Gate Eyes (lifelines)  
Gate Stop  
Gibb rounded swage terminal  
Headboard Shackle  
Hoister Systems  
Hydraulic, Carbon and Large Furling  
Insulators Sta-Lok (terminal to terminal and body only) (pdf) - (html)
Insulators (swage)  
LH Threads
Lifeline Supplies  
Lifeline Toggle  
Lifeline Wire - White Vinyl Coated Type 316SS  
Link plate adapters  
Link plate extenders  
Long D Shackle  
Long Eye Terminals (Sta-Lok)
Long Stud Terminals (Sta-Lok)
Long Toggle Fork Terminals (Sta-Lok)
Marine Eye Toggle (Swage)  
Marine Eyes (Swage)  
Mast Cleats  
Metric Threads
New England Ropes  
Norseman (see Sta-Lok)  
Order Form (running rigging)  
Order Form (lifelines)  
Order Form (standing rigging)  
Oval Sleeves  
Pad Eye  
Pelican Hook  
Pins (standing rigging)  
Pitch of Threads
Plugs (swage T-Ball)  
Regatta Braid (New England Ropes)  
Replacement Stud (Lifelines)  
RH Threads
Rigging Tools  
Rigging Hardware  
Rigging Pins  
Rod Straightened - Navtec Nitronic 50  
Rope Clutch  
Ropes and Cordage  
Running lights  
Running Rigging  
Running Rigging Wire  
Sail Track  
Sailmaker Eyes (Swage)  
Samson Cordage  
Schaefer Stanchion Accessories  
Shackles - Running Rigging - (Wichard - Small and Large Bail Snap Shackles - Tack Shackles)  
Shackles - Wichard (D-Shackles, Bow Shackles, Long "D" Shackles, Twist Shackles)  
Sleeves (oval - stop)  
Spectron 12 (Samson Cordage)  
Splicing Instructions (Rope)  
Splicing Services  
Split rings  
Sta-Lok (Assembly Instructions)
Sta-Lok fittings  
Sta-Lok parts  
Stanchion - heavy duty  
Stanchion Inserts 3/8"  
Stanchion Terminals / Accessories  
Standing Rigging Wire  
Stay Connectors (Sta-Lok)
Stemball eye with cup  
Stemballs (Swage)  
Stop sleeves  
Stud Terminals - Sta-Lok (pdf) (html)
Stud (Swage)  
Supplies - Boat Life Calk
Supplies - Team Mclube Sailcoat
Swage Tools  
Swage Fittings  
Tack Shackle (Wichard)  
T-Ball (Swage)  
T-Ball Retaining Plugs  
T-Bolt only  
T-Bolt with toggle  
Tension Gauge
Terminal Part Sta-Lok (socket wedge & former components)
Terminals (mechanical and swage)  
Thimbles, solid and heavy duty (Rigging Hardware)  
Thread Direction
Threaded eyes  
Threaded stemball  
Toggle Fork Terminals - Sta-Lok (pdf) - (html)
Toggle Jaw  
Toggles - Rigging Hardware  
Tools - Brion Toss Splice Wand (Large - Medium - Small)
Tools - Loos "Pro" Tension Gauges
Tools - Loos Cable Diameter Gauge
Tools - Wire Cutters to 3/16" wire
Tools - Large Wire Cutter to 3/8" wire  
Turnbuckle, t-bolt and toggle - Turnbuckle body only (Standing Rigging)  
Turnbuckles - Toggle to Toggle & Toggle and Blank - Sta-Lok (pdf) - (html)
Turnbuckles (lifelines)  
Turnbuckles (standing rigging)  
Twist Shackle  
Tylaska Halyard Shackle
UNF Threads
Unitized Turnbuckles  
Vinyl Wire  
Warpspeed Rope( Samson Cordage)  
Wedges Sta-Lok (metric - fractional) (pdf) - (html)
Winch Accessories (Service kits - winch handles)  
Winches (electric)  
Winches (hydraulic)  
Winches (standard)  
Wire (electrical)
Wire cutters
Wire - 7x7 type (Lifeline) PDF Icon
Wire rope PDF Icon
Wire rope clips  
Wire rope terminals  

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