Harken Products Winch Accessories
Part Number Description
BK4509 Winch Tool Kit
BK4510 Deluxe Winch Tool Kit
BK4511 Winch Drum Screw Kit
BK4512 Winch Service Kit
BK4513 Winch Grease
BK4515 Racing Winch Service Kit
B8AP 8" Alum Winch Handle - No Lock
B8AL 8" Lock-In Alum Winch Handle
B8BL 8" Lock-In Bronze Winch Handle
B8CL 8" Lock-In Chrome Winch Handle
B8ASGLP 8" Lock-In Alum Low Profile SpeedGrip Winch Handle
B8ASG 8" Lock-In Alum SpeedGrip Winch Handle
B8CSG 8" Lock-In Chrome SpeedGrip Winch Handle
B10AP 10" Alum Winch Handle - No Lock
B10AL 10" Lock-In Alum Winch Handle
B10CL 10" Lock-In Chrome Winch Handle
B10ADL 10" Lock-In Double-Grip Alum Winch Handle
B10BDL 10" Lock-In Double-Grip Bronze Winch Handle
B10CDL 10" Lock-In Double-Grip Chrome Winch Handle
B10ASG 10" Lock-In Alum SpeedGrip Winch Handle
B10CSG 10" Lock-In Chrome SpeedGrip Winch Handle
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